About the Groomers


Patsy and her new friendPatsy's Biker Halloween

Patsy is our 4 1/2 year old customer greeter! Don’t let her bark fool you, she loves everyone! Her special skills include looking fabulous and giving lots of kisses to anyone she can get her paws on!

Patsy at the dog park

Reese Eaton

Reese Back in the day


This may be an older picture, but it just shows just how long Reese has been in the grooming game! Reese Eaton has over 29 years experience in the grooming industry, working  in Southern California, San Francisco Bay area, and New Hampshire. Along with being a Certified Animal Hygienist, Reese also has a B.A. in Psychology. The safety and security of the animals in her care, is her number one priority.

Todd Quiggle

Todd and Patsy the Pig

Attended The Styling Pet Academy of the Westcoast from 2010-2011. While he was attending the academy their main focus was proper bathing techniques and Breed and Pet styling. He is certified in pet CPR and has a clear focus on keeping your pet comfortable and safe while being primped. Prior to enter the grooming industry Todd spent 25+ years working in retail merchandising and customer assistance.

Kim Eaton

The daughter of Reese Eaton, and began working at Surf City Dog Spaw when we opened. Apprecticed to become a dog groomer, and is now full fledged. Is pursuing a degree in Graphic Design.


This is honey. One of our many happy customer!

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